To kneel or not to kneel.

What are they in protest of? Does anyone really know wtf is going on?


There’s quite a stir going about our great nation right now about kneeling and our national anthem.

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, you turn on your T.V. and the media is hyping it. If you have a social media account, you have no doubt read about it.

It fascinates me how this polarizes us as much as it does. On one side you have the super patriots, asking for the National Anthem and flag to be respected. One the other you have a group stating that this same flag protects their right t free speech, to protest.

Hard to pick a winner really. It is their right to protest, and it is the right of others to be offended by it. I question the protest myself, wondering ….. what the fuck are they even protesting for? 

I’m told it’s about equality. Ok, cool. But wait, what?
Equality?? I thought this was about police brutality??
Didn’t some half assed NFL quarterback start sitting out the National Anthem in protest of police brutality?
We’ll get back to that subject on a later post….

Colin Kaepernick took to one knee during the national anthem when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, in protest of police brutality against black Americans. His protest has somehow evolved (or devolved) into a protest against racial and social injustice that people of color face every day. Are you fucking kidding me?

I’d say that the vast majority of Americans all want the same thing. Love, respect, honesty. SO let’s dive a little deeper into this Social and racial inequality….

<b>Social inequality</b> is the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different <b>social </b>positions or statuses within a group or society. Hrmmm, so you mean rich people have more access to shit than poor people? Does this mean that rich people have more influence in politics and in making policy? Of course it does. That’s how the world works. It’s always been this way. I have news for you, social inequality exists at every level of every race.

Wikipedia states that:
<b>Social inequality</b> occurs when resources in a given society are distributed unevenly, typically through norms  of allocation, that engender specific patterns along lines of socially defined categories of persons. It is the differentiation preference of access of social goods in the society brought about by power, religion, kinship, prestige, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and class.

According to this, social inequality extends FAR beyond race. If I read this right, and you attend say a Catholic church and fall on hard times, you can go to your church and ask for assistance. Someone who doesn’t go to your church can do the same, but preference will be given to those who are members. Well that’s not social inequality at all, it’s a fact of life.

Let’s look at power…. The local High School Athletic director makes more money than a teacher. By definition, resources were allocated differently because of position, creating social inequality. Sounds like a crock of shit to me.

I cannot go to the car dealership and walk out of there with a brand new car, guess what, that’s social inequality. attend meetings at the local Elks lodge, I haven’t been voted in as a member, is that also social inequality? By definition it is. Ok, so let’s get a little less tongue in cheek about it and find a real example of social inequality that affects only Black Americans…. You can respond in your comments.

In the meantime, let’s focus on the other point of the demonstration, Racial inequality. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll never say racism doesn’t exist. it does and it will. It’s nature to protect your own against all threats. This unfortunately doesn’t just exist at the species level, it also makes it’s way all the way down to race. Let’s use ants as an example.

Take a red ant and a black ant, put them into the same cup. Within minutes they fight. Never having met before, not having been offended by anyone, they just fight. It’s preservation. Sure we humans are much more advanced, we have emotions, feelings, developed brains that allow us to process things in ways an ant can’t, and yet, we fall into the same behavioral patterns. Sad really.

“Well that’s different, ants don’t know any better. It’s fight or flight”… fair enough. Throughout history, this country has had issues with racism. The media would like you to believe that it’s limited to America, sadly once again, it is not. For the purposes of this article however, I’ll focus on racism in America. Let’s talk about how unfair life is in America for our black citizens.

If you’re black and were raised in America in say the last 25 years there has been access to public schools right? So that cant be racial inequality.
I’m guessing that the ability to get into college or get a job is readily available too… so no inequality there. Ok, ok, I hear ti already. “but we get passed over because of the color of our skin when we apply for jobs”. Do I think this doesn’t happen? Absolutely not, I know it does. BUT, it’s not strictly about race. Guess what?  Overweight people, unattractive people, people who have speech problems, people with face piercings all get passed over for jobs too. I’ll never tell you that the color of your skin isn’t a factor when applying for jobs from time to time. I am sure it is. Maybe, just maybe it isn’t racial. Maybe, it’s that the employer is looking for a certain “type”. Example, how many unattractive women do you see employed as spokespeople for make-up companies? How many overweight people do you see in promotions for the latest clothing…. inequality in the workplace transcends race. It’s something that has many faces. Race, weight, looks, intelligence, the ability to communicate. SO I’m going to say while it is probable that blacks face more of a battle within the workplace, I’m not going to say that its only them or that it’s more egregious.

Let’s move onto a few more topics within the realm of racial inequality.

Blacks can belong to clubs and organizations that cater specifically to their race, but there’s no National Association for the Advancement of White People because such a group would be deemed racist. Blacks can call white people “honky” and “cracker,” but whites cannot use the N-word. aside from that, by the earlier definition of Social inequality, scholarships offered to people solely based on race fits the definition to a “t”, and yet we have all black colleges, black scholarships, and affirmative action.

It looks to ma as if we all start off with the same opportunities in life. We are all born into a world that will allow us to make our own path. Some of us get breaks along the way because of our work ethic, who we know, right place right time kind of stuff. But to sit here and tell me that in this day and age that blacks suffer from inequality is plain bullshit. They suffer at the hands of white racists, just as white people suffer at the hands of black racists.

You really can’t have it both ways. You can’t have groups and organizations that cater to black only, all the while screaming about social inequality. Reverse racism as whites call it, is nearly as bad as traditional racism towards non whites. As a matter of fact, antifa and BLM are to me, racist terrorist organizations and nothing more.

If we are truly going to move forward as a people, we need to stop paying attention to Skin heads, Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter and antifa. After all, we’ve all seen the movies, when the aliens come, we all need to work together.

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