You can shove political correctness right up your ass.



Remember the people you admired most in your young life? I do. I remember the Old Timers, and how they always just said what was on their minds. Nothing wrong with

that…. except you can’t do it anymore. We’ve become a nation of feelings, instead of ideas. A country where society is more concerned with offending people, than communicating directly. 

So the pledge of allegiance, apparently means nothing anymore. I recall as a young lad, the practice of reciting the pledge every morning during kindergarten, waiting for my turn to hold the flag. Maybe that’s why I respect my country and Flag so much. I wonder if that’s why people like the “occutards” act the way they do. They’re all part of the same group of self righteous assholes who are ruining this country. Of all the things this website will discuss, one recurring theme I think will emerge, is that people just don’t have pride in their country anymore. At least not this country. Maybe it’s because with out current government, you don’t actually have to earn your way any longer.

That same Old Timer I mentioned above, probably one of the hardest working mother fuckers I’ve ever met in my life. Nobody from his generation thought they DESERVED the fruit of anyone else’s labor. Fuck No! If you wanted something in this  country, you had to go earn it. If you didn’t like something, you spoke your mind, and it was usually appreciated.

I know I’m jumping around quite a bit here. But it’s difficult to separate allot of these issues. It’s all kind of tied together in my mind. The same people who are worried about “Offending” someone, are not far separated from the Anti Pledge Of Allegiance crowd. I’m positive we have allot of crossovers too. You know who they are, the “everybody is a winner!” and the “we don’t keep score” crowd. If you think like they do, fuck you. I AM keeping score. I’m in it to win it.

You see, somewhere mommies precious little snowflake didn’t win the soccer tournament. So snowflake cried. Moms don’t likke ti when snowflake cries, so mom bitched and raised hell. Somewhere along the lines, she convinced people that keeping score isn’t important. Can you imagine if these same parents were in charge of a spelling bee? How the fuck does that work? Do we not have any winners in the spelling bee? Or do we not have losers?

If you don’t lose what makes you try harder? What’s the motivation to do better? NOTHING!! You’re just pussyfying America.

What’s gonna happen when snowflake applies to a college and doesn’t get in? Do we change it so everyone who applies gets accepted? Maybe we’ll just make sure that anyone that applies for a job, gets hired. Pretty fucking silly when I say it huh? Fucking Idiots. We’ve somehow come to believe that feelings are more important than the truth. Fcuk you and your feelings. Go ahead, try to hurt mine. I don’t have any.

Unfortunately, I now live in a country that says I’m racist because we should ship illegal aliens (o, sorry… Misplaced Immigrants) back to whence they came. You can call them undocumented workers all you want. I’ll call em cheap labor from Home Depot. How is it that these fucking beaners can get better aid from OUR government than OUR OWN CITIZENS can? Instead of deporting them, we in stead offer them free education. yeah, that’s smart. Lets put non tax paying Illegal Aliens on welfare, promise to let their children become citizens, and educate their kids before our own. While we’re at it, Let’s go


and give them free healthcare, all while bitching that our own loyal Americans can’t get the same, and create special loan programs for them with TAXPAYER money. And why do we do this?? Political Correctness. Once you stop calling them Illegal Aliens, you stop informing people that they are in fact just that…. ILLEGAL.

Need another Example? Let me ask you a question….. you hear the word terrorist, you bristle a bit right? yeah me too. Any red blooded American that actually KNOWS the pledge of allegiance, does. The rest of you Fuckers want to call them “insurgents”. I’ll call em Terrorists, and I’ll call you fucking fat. No reason to make them sound like a misunderstood teenager. “I remember when Donna suffered through insurgence in her freshman year, It was like, so hard ya know?”. But if you said “Donna decided to be a terrorist”, your mind conjures up someone in black with dual wielding Uzis. I’d much rather teach my kid what a terrorist is.

Holy shit this article is getting ling-winded. Maybe I’ll stop it short here, and save something for part Deux. Before I do, understand that I don’t give a shit if I offended you. It’s your right to be offended, just as much as It’s my right to offend you. It’s in the constitution. And this is what it was intended to cover. Not some asshole minister interrupting a Soldiers Funeral.

You have the right to leave this page at any time. I never MADE you read this, you choose to. If yo ucan’t handle it… Fuck Off. THAT’s My Fucking Opinion. -DE

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